Shipping Policy

Estimate Freight Times


ServiceDelivery speedCoverage
Standard Parcel PostSame state: 2-4 business days

Interstate: 3-6 business days

Express Parcel PostSame state: 1-2 business days

Interstate: 1-3 business days



2-7 business days (Location dependant)

As per our Terms and Conditions the following statements for shipping are effective:

7.1 Subject to clause 8, A2B Euro Parts will use reasonable endeavours to achieve any delivery times stated by A2B Euro Parts.
7.2 Times stated by A2B Euro Parts for delivery are estimates only. A2B Euro Parts does not guarantee that the delivery of the Goods will be within the delivery times stated by A2B Euro Parts and no liability shall attach to A2B Euro Parts in the event of delivery being delayed by any circumstances. In no circumstances shall delay amount to, or be deemed to be a breach of the Contract and the purchaser shall not be entitled to treat the Contract as repudiated by reason of any delay in delivery.

8.1 In circumstances where the product is being shipped to a region where the purchaser is arranging installation and unless expressly agreed otherwise by A2B Euro Parts in writing, or specified in a separate dealership or agency agreement, all Goods sold to the purchaser are delivered on an Ex-Works basis meaning the purchaser is responsible for arranging freight and insurance of the Goods from A2B Euro Parts’s premises to the purchaser. Should the purchaser request A2B Euro Parts to arrange freight and insurance on behalf of the purchaser;
a) A2B Euro Parts shall advise the purchaser of the estimated cost of freight and insurance prior to despatch of the Goods.
b) A2B Euro Parts shall include the cost of freight and insurance on the overall invoice for the Goods which is payable in full prior to despatch of the Goods.
c) Freight terms remain Ex-Works.
8.2 The purchaser is responsible for complying with any legislation or regulations governing the importation of the Goods in the country of destination and for all local taxes and any customs or import duties payable for Goods delivered outside Australia.